Building information is the base of a good real estate management.

With the e-loxx building module, we can offer you the capability to manage, to analyze and to get a pretty good overview of all your properties.

building details en

Beside the possibility to define business hours and alarm frames which affect the creation of potential tickets, you can also record weather and other environmental information to provide you with more options to analyze building information.

building weather en

You have additional information that needs to be quickly added to the system? No problem: For the additional data section you can add your own data fields (Text, Date, Dropdown, etc.) without any coding works.

Also building contacts can be managed through e-loxx easy and uncomplicated like mandatory contacts of a property. Of course, this can be done on a floor by floor level where additional information to the area is available.

building contacts en

This includes the details of an employee in its individual position. In the following view, you get the possibility to assign to the building additional employees. Of course, you can do this the other way around and select an employee to assign one or many other buildings and functions

building assignments en

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