Inventories require a lot of maintenance and this need to be planed and tracked.

With the e-loxx maintenance module, you can do this in a very easy and efficient way. Basically, you can link as many maintenances to inventories and buildings as you like.

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You don’t want to create a new ticket for each maintenance? With the automated ticket generation, this will become an easy task. If the lead time was reached e-loxx automatically generates a maintenance ticket and notifies corresponding service provider about this matter. Also, the maintenance date will be amended even if the maintenance was completed prior to the scheduled date to keep the defined interval.

Maintenances and tickets can, of course, be found in the ticket module but also in the affected inventories or buildings. You even can create maintenance for an inventory hierarchically above the current one whereby this maintenance is shown in the lower levels also. Those different combinations enable you to create comprehensive maintenance for individual inventories.

A comfortable way of getting all maintenances is given with the reports module where you are able to export maintenances in a defined time frame for either a building or all at once.

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