A service desk without a powerful ticket module which is easy and fast to deal with gives away a lot of potentials.

With e-loxx we offer you a ticket module that is not just powerful and easy to handle it also pretty intuitive, clear, logical and detailed structured at the same time.

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The principle “One problem, One Ticket” is straightly implemented and combines also the strict business requirements of a ticket with the flexibility of the entire eloxx application.

From a directory, you can select the correct name of an enquirer whereby all contact details will be populated to the ticket.

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Templates for frequently used ticket descriptions can be pre-formulated and applied to the ticket.

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Our task management system allows coordination with many different employees. You can keep track of task steps or comments and you can handle decisions through the ticket.

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Can't a subcontractor keep the given deadline? With e-loxx is a ticket extension pretty easy to handle. Just create a new task for this.

You don’t need to create a second ticket or bother an administrator to revise your ticket information manually. A task extension can be validated, approved or rejected by an entitled user. This happens of course in a comfortable way within a separate section outside of the ticket.

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